Bakugo’s Hero Name

Are you interested to know Bakugo’s Hero Name? That’s really an interesting thing to know. Read this article to find out.

Bakugo’s Hero Name
Bakugo’s Hero Name


Every hero has a name that will become their hero name, an identity, a symbol that means them. Just like Peter Parker is not known but Spiderman is known to everyone around the world. The fan-favorite boy from my hero academia Bakugo has a one that signifies him.

Who is Bakugo?

Bakugo is a character from the manga called My Hero academia. This manga is the 8th most selling manga in 2020. Unlike his hostile character of being arrogant and egotistical throughout, Bakugo is one of the fan-favorites from the anime. Even still bakugo shows a higher level of negative energy compared to the actual antagonist. Many fans call him an Anti-Hero and try to align him with the real villains of the story.

Bakugo’s hero name:

Some had thought that bakugo would go with “kacchan” or “ground zero”. Also, the “kacchan” was a nickname given to bakugo by Deku. So it wouldn’t be his hero name but bakugo has gone to a name with a pun in it after the advice from the best jeanist. As the pro hero told bakugo to have a name that reflects his goals.
Unlike his classmates, who are todoraki who went with a name as “shoto” and kaminari who has a hero name “charge bolt” based on his electricity quirks. Uraraka’s hero name is “gravity”, a pun based on her gravity-based quirks.
Bakugo has a hero name
“DynaMight” which has a pun intended with it. He reveals his name in chapter 293 when jeanist come back as the Great explosion murder God dynaMight.


A lot of people think dynaMight fit bakugo so well. But still, the “ground zero” as the ground zero is a starting point of an explosion and also bakugo IS a walking explosion but still dynaMight fit him well.

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